Attract And Convert SaaS Customers With Content Marketing

I help SaaS brands attract and convert new customers with SERP-topping content and irresistible email newsletters.

Cheaper than agencies. More reliable than freelancers. We’re agile, just like you are.

I help SaaS brands attract and convert new customers with SERP-topping content and irresistible email newsletters.

I help SaaS brands attract and convert new customers with SERP-topping content and irresistible email newsletters.

I've helped the following brands increase traffic and sales with content writing and strategy:

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Here's how we can work together to grow your SaaS business:

Dominate The SERPs with Unique Thought Leadership Content

Yes — you can have thought leadership content that nurtures trust — and that also ranks at the top of Google search results.

Here’s how it works:

I’ll perform keyword research and come up with 50+ content topics to start with to drive traffic ASAP.

Once approved, I’ll interview you or an industry leader from your team to extract unique insights that’ll make your content unique.

Then it’s off to the races – you can sit back and focus on running your SaaS business while we draft, optimize, and publish your content — all done for you.

All you need to do is approve your content.

Every month you work with me, we’ll do a new interview to make sure we’re always up-to-date with industry trends and insights!

Goodbye, generic content regurgitation.

Your content will generate leads — now it’s time to convert them.

We’ll come up with a binge-worthy email newsletter to send to your leads every single week.

Ideal to catch those leads who didn’t convert from your SaaS free trials!

Convert Your Leads With High-Value Email Newsletters

Thought Leadership SERP Content

$ 5,000
  • Content plan
  • Monthly interview to extract your thought leadership
  • 20 UNIQUE long-form blog posts optimized for SEO
  • Plagiarism & AI detection
  • Uploaded directly to your CMS
  • Monthly report

High-Value Weekly Newsletters

$ 2,000
  • Monthly interview to extract your thought leadership
  • 4 binge-worthy email newsletters
  • Uploaded directly to your ESP
  • Monthly performance report
  • No minimum commitments - cancel anytime

Still got questions?

Here's what you need to know:

At the start of our time working together, I’ll perform keyword research to find out your lowest-hanging fruit: meaning, what terms are your customers searching for? And which ones can you most likely rank for with your existing authority?

Based on your short-and-long term business goals, I’ll present the list of keywords and topic that you can either approve or edit.

Hey, you can!

But if you want high quality content that not only ranks, but also converts visitors into leads and paying customers… you’ll still need to put in tons of work to improve that AI content.

That’ll require someone from your team to either edit and rewrite the content… or to go through the lengthy process required to hire a freelancer to do the same!

My team uses AI in our pipeline to do content research as well as optimize for search engines. But we also interview your team to inject your thought leadership directly into your content!

You can do all of that on your own. But you wouldn’t be reading this if doing it on your own was working out, would you?

There are zero contracts! You get to pay month-to-month. Cancel, upgrade, or downgrade anytime it suits you.

I have a lean team of 2 writers I’ve trained myself  – the three of us will write and edit your content in-house.

If you work with me, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you likely trust that I can get you results. But if you feel we’ve misrepresented your thoughts in our post, it’s okay to ask for minor revisions.

You’ll always have direct access to me if you have issues with your content before it goes live.

That being said, we like to move quickly to get SaaS brands results fast. So if you’re looking for micro-management of your content, I’m probably not the best fit for you.

If you want more content, there’s a good chance I can help!

If you want less — I’ll have to evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether I believe content marketing will be a smart investment for you. We can discuss this during a call.

Anything here tickle your fancy?

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