A Simple Trick To Generate Cheaper Email Subscribers Using Ads

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This is gonna go against what many gurus claim, but here’s something my colleagues and I experienced when growing our email list with ads:

The less you do, the better your results.

For example, I recently stopped playing around with my Facebook lead ads. I stuck to a few combinations that got me “okay” results and just let them run.

And what happened?

Over the course of the last few weeks, my cost per lead has consistently decreased.

Together, all three variations now have an average cost per lead of $3.07.

How did I do it?

By doing nothing. I just let it do its thing while I focused on other aspects of my business (like my new blog). 

Of course, there’s a caveat to this.

If I have an ad that’s performing poorly — or an ad that’s getting worse with time — of course I’ll do something about it.

There’s a minimum amount of effort you still need to put into your ads to get results.

For example, you should test several ad variations to see which ones will perform best.

But that doesn’t mean you should turn off a variation after only spending a few dozen bucks on it.

And here’s why.

The way ads work online — whether on Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, or elsewhere — is by learning from the data they receive.

As people take the action you want (in this case, opt into your email list)…

… its knowledge gets more expansive.

And it gets better and better at finding more people who are likely to opt in.

However, it takes time to gather that knowledge.

Or rather, it takes money.

An ad will learn ‘faster’ on a $10-a-day budget than a $1-a-day budget.

So unless you’re spending $50 or more per day on each variation of your ad…

… just let it run, babyyyy!

It helps to ONLY invest the ad spend you’re comfortable losing. Don’t overspend when you can’t afford it.

Otherwise, yeah — it’s stressful to just let it run and let the ads generate data.

But even just a little bit of ad spend each day can help you get your first subscribers…

… and give you the momentum you need to bring your business where you want it to be.

Hey, I'm Charlene!

Hey, I'm Charlene!

I help SaaS companies generate traffic & sales with damn good content that ranks & converts.