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How would you like me and my team to build out a list-building funnel for you?

Custom-built for YOUR ideal audience, at an affordable price!

What the heck is a list-building funnel - and why would I need one?

Let me ask you a question — do you have a predictable way to know where your next customers are coming from?


If the answer is a resounding NO, let me introduce you to one of my favorite tools I use to consistently grow my business month after month on autopilot:


The list-building funnel.


Simply put, a list-building funnel is a simple series of website pages and emails that allows people to opt into your email list in exchange for something of value.


And when list-building funnels work, they WORK. Imagine getting a constant flow of qualified leads added to your list, 24/7, without you having to prospect, cold-call, scrape, or post on social media!

But making funnels WORK is, well... HARD work!

Coming up with the RIGHT type of freebie to offer…


Writing high-converting copy…


Finding a reliable designer and web develop to set up the pages for you…


Connecting everything together with your email list…


It’s exhausting just to think about!


But after building dozens of list-building funnels for myself and my copywriting clients, I’ve come up with a winning formula to attract high-quality leads on autopilot.


Most Agencies Charge Will Charge You THOUSANDS For a Custom-Built Funnel - Heck, I Used to Charge Thousands, Too!

But I remembered what it felt like to start my own business and not have access to thousands of dollars for high-level coaching or services. And if someone could have given me the opportunity to build out a high-converting list-building funnel for such a low price, I would have POUNCED on the occasion!

How would you like to let my team do EVERYTHING FOR YOU so you can get your entire list-building funnel set up in a single week?

…That’s right…


We will build out your ENTIRE list-building funnel in just a week!


This isn’t a funnel template, a blueprint, or a swipe file.


It’s me and my team getting our hands dirty and building out the funnel FOR YOU.



That means:


The reality is, I know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to funnels.


And it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated.


I’m saving you WEEKS if not MONTHS of time by having my team build this thing for you.


Let Me Explain How This Works and How We'll Manage The Entire Process FOR You:

We’ll write the copy, design the pages, and set up the tech for a list-building funnel using our proven framework.


You won’t have to lift a finger.


All you need to do is answer our intake questionnaire and give us your credentials so that my team can log into your sales funnel builder of choice.


We’ll even create a free training video script that you can give to your audience to convince them to opt into your email list. 

That's Right - We'll Create Your Freebie FOR YOU If You Don't Already Have One!

Here’s Everything My Team Will Do For You With The Done-For-You List-Building Funnel

You’re going to get a customized list-building funnel designed specifically for your business.


Like I mentioned before, this isn’t a template.


This is me and my team building everything from the ground up so everything is built specifically for your business.

Copy has to be the most time consuming part about building the whole funnel. As a copywriter, believe me, I KNOW.


Don’t worry – we’ll handle the copy for you.


You’ll get copy for a landing page, thank you page, confirmation email, AND your free training video that you can offer your new subscribers.


This new training video will even include a VSL (video sales letter) so that you can make an offer once your subscribers have completed their free training!


We’ll take care of designing your pages and hooking them up to your email marketing tool of choice (ConvertKit, Mailchimp, etc).


Creating a funnel is one thing, but making sure your new subcribers get added to the right email list is another.


That’s why we’ll handle that for you.


We don’t just build funnels — we put them to work, too! For an additional monthly fee, we’ll take care of managing your ads FOR you.

…You’ll Have Everything You Need To Grow Your List on Autopilot So You Always Have Fresh Leads Who Want to Read Your Emails and Buy From You...

…You can FINALLY have more email leads than you know what to do with…


…You can FINALLY have a steady flow of new customers and clients into your Business consistently…


…You can FINALLY build the business you have always dreamed of…


The Choice Is Yours…


You can build the entire process yourself…


…Or take everything we’ve done, tested, and proven and use it for yourself…


… all for a ONE-TIME investment of $297. 


…And Here’s What It Means When You Have Us Build a Custom Funnel For You

It means you can easily save weeks if not months of time building and testing everything that we already have the answers to…


It means that you will have a predictable flow of new leads, customers, and clients into your business…


It means you will actually DO THIS and MAKE IT HAPPEN…

I Can't Make It Any Easier For You To Succeed!

…The choice is yours…


…Do you want to get there in weeks or months or do you want to get there in just a few days?

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