The South Park method to writing better emails

I came across a video presentation this morning from Trey Parker that gave some really helpful advice for storytelling:

We can take these beats, which are basically the beats of your outline, and if the words “and then” belong between those beats…

… you’re fucked. Basically. You’ve got something pretty boring.

What should happen between every beat that you’ve written down is either the word “therefore”, or “but”.

This is a trick Trey uses when he gets stuck in the writing room for their weekly script, but it applies just as well to story-driven emails.

If you’re reading the email you just wrote and it seems to fall flat, look between your “beats”.

A story beat is just a moment or event that moves your story forward.

If the words “and then” belong in between those beats… it means your story is just a collection of anecdotes.

“Therefore” and “but” add causality to your story.

“I went to the grocery store, but I forgot my wallet at home. Therefore I was stuck at the cash register looking ridiculous and unable to pay.”

The words “therefore” and “but” are also great ways to make a segue to your offer.

You can use “therefore” to prove your offer makes sense…

… and you can use “but” to present your offer as a solution to the story’s conflict.

Whether you love or despise South Park, this ought to help you improve those emails.


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Hey, I'm Charlene!

Hey, I'm Charlene!

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